Getting Started/Setup:

How do I get started?

Simply use your nysba.org username and password to access the LawHUB. You will enter information about your practice in a helpful, guided sign-up process so that your LawHUB is tailored to your specific practice areas, practice setting, and technology tools. You only have to go through the setup process once and LawHUB will remember all of your preferences.  Setup only takes a minute.

What if I don’t have NYSBA credentials?

If you are a NYSBA member, but have not yet created a username and password for nysba.org, simply go here to create a profile.   The same login credentials can be used for both nysba.org and for the LawHUB.

What if I forgot my NYSBA credentials?

Go here to have your username and password sent to your email.

How do I become a NYSBA member?

Just click here to be taken to the membership signup page.

How much does LawHub cost?

Nothing! The LawHUB is free for all NYSBA members. Not a NYSBA member? Go to nysba.org to join today.

Using the LawHub:

How do I use the cards?

Think of each card on your Hub as a stand-alone window, giving you access to a particular type of content, software, community, or other service.  They are yours to move around and customize in whatever way works best for you and your practice.

How do I move the cards?

Simply click the icon in the middle of the top bar of the card and drag the card to any position in the page. Next time you log in to LawHUB, your cards will be right where you left them! Note: the only card that cannot be moved is the NYSBA card in the top left of the LawHUB, which will deliver timely content specifically for you and your practice.

How do I make a card larger?

To make any specific card larger, click the arrow/box icon in the top-right corner of the card.  A large window will appear.  Just “x” out of that window to get back to the dashboard.

How do I hide a card?

To hide a card, select the gear icon in the top left corner of a card and select “Remove Card.”  You can always go back and add them again later in your user settings

How do I add a card to my dashboard?

To add a card, click on your name in the top right corner.  From the drop down menu, select “Add New Service” and select which card you would like to add.

Third-Party Integrations:

How do I add integrations?

We know you want to use LawHUB right away, so simply select the cloud-based software you use in your practice during the signup process and they will display on your LawHUB. Once your personalized HUB is displayed, you will be able to connect to each of the third-party integrations by clicking “connect” and entering your username and password for that particular integration.  You will only have to do that once. NYSBA does not store any of your confidential information, we only provide a link to your existing service.

What if I want to add an integration after my initial sign up?

If you start using a third-party integration after you sign up, or you simply decide you want to add cards later, just click on your name in the top right corner, and click “Add New Service” in the drop-down menu.  You will then be prompted to click on whatever services you want to add.


What is Fastcase?

Fastcase is the leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools at your fingertips.

As a NYSBA member, what do I get with my member benefit?

  • As a NYSBA member receive free and unlimited access to the following libraries:
  • N.Y. Court of Appeals
  • A.D. Decisions
  • Misc. Decisions
  • N.Y. Consolidated Laws
  • N.Y.C.R.R.
  • N.Y.S. Constitution
  • U.S. Code
  • 2d Circuit Decisions
  • Supreme Court Decisions.

Plus, you get an 80% discount off the regular price of $995 (that means you pay just $195 per year) on unlimited access to the full Fastcase law library which includes all Federal and State research libraries. And for NYSBA’s newly admitted attorney members: you get free access to the full Fastcase research libraries for your first two years after you are admitted.

How do I sign up for Fastcase?

If you are a NYSBA member, you will automatically have free access to Fastcase. There’s nothing more you need to do!

How do I search case law?

In the Fastcase card, select the case law tab and enter your search.  You will be provided a full list of results, sorted based on whichever criteria you select (relevance, date, etc). You will also find to the right of the results a pink box that indicates how many times that case has been cited as authority in other cases, both within the results and generally. To read the full case, click the citation and the full case will open up in a window in your Hub.

How do I search statutes?

In the Fastcase card, select the statute tab and enter your search.  You will be provided a full list of results. To read the full statute, click the citation link and window will open with the full text.


What is Clio?

Clio is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud-based law practice management software. Clio offers all you need to run a law practice from intake to invoice, with powerful features to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, appointments, time-tracking, reporting, and accounting.

Clio is the exclusive cloud-based practice management system of the New York State Bar Association. Lawyers use Clio to organize their cases, invoice clients, track time, and access their documents. Working on Mac and PC, and through iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, lawyers can easily access and manage their practice from any location and on any device.

Clio is the only practice management platform that integrates with other NYSBA member benefits, like Fastcase for legal research. Clio also integrates with other popular software like Dropbox, LawPay, Quickbooks, Google Mail, and Google Apps, letting law firms design their perfect practice from their favorite tools.

Do I receive a discount on Clio as a NYSBA member?

Members of the New York State Bar Association receive a 10% lifetime discount on Clio; newly admitted attorneys receive a one-year FREE period.

How do I add a time entry?

Within the Clio card, select the “time entry” tab.  Select the Matter from the drop down list, and then either start the timer or manually enter in the amount of time spent.  Add a description and a date and click “add.”  It will then show up in the “timer history” tab on your Clio card.  Click the clock next to that entry to restart the timer if necessary.

How do I add a new matter?

To add a new matter for an existing client, select the “Intake” tab on your Clio card. Click the floating blue ‘plus’ icon to add a new matter, select the client the matter is associated with, and enter the matter name and other relevant details. Then click “add.”

Will there be other features available on the Clio card?

Yes, other features will be rolled out over time, including the ability to add new clients as well as view and create appointments on you Clio calendar.

Google/Office 365 Calendar

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is part of the Google’s suite of services,  offering email, document storage, calendaring, and contact management with the ease of Google’s cloud-based user experience. If you have a gmail account, you have access to Google Calendar.

What is Office 365 Calendar?

Office 365 Calendar is part of the Microsoft suite of services in Office 365.  this service offers email, calendaring, contact management also Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) depending on the plan you have purchased. Many firms have moved their email systems to the Office 365 cloud-based service. If you have an Office 365 account, you have access to your 365 Calendar.

How do I connect my Google Calendar?

Either select Google Calendar upon initial signup, or under your name in the top right corner, click “add card” and add Google Calendar. The Google card will appear in your Hub.  Click “connect” and you’ll be prompted to connect the desired account.  

How do I connect my Office 365 Calendar?

Either select Office 365 upon initial signup, or under your name in the top right corner, click “add card” and add Office 365 to connect the desired account.  Click “connect” and you’ll be prompted to connect to the desired account by entering your email address and password.

How do I add Calendar entries?

To add a calendar, click on the day you wish to add an entry, and click the “plus” symbol in the bottom right. Select which calendar to add the entry to, indicate title, location, description, date, and time, add any people who should receive a copy of the invitation, and then click “add event.”


What is LawPay?

LawPay offers credit card processing designed for the unique needs of attorneys and has earned the approval of the American Bar Association.  LawPay is designed to correctly separate earned and unearned fees to avoid commingling funds when accepting credit card payments. More importantly, LawPay contractually protects your client funds by restricting the ability of any third-party from debiting monies from a Trust or IOLTA account. LawPay works with over 90 bar associations across the country, including the American Bar Association, to ensure its program is up-to-date and in compliance

How do I sign up with the member benefit?

Click here to go the LawPay site and sign up.

How do I connect the LawPay card?

Either select LawPay upon initial signup, or under your name in the top right corner, click “add card” and add LawPay. The LawPay card will appear in your Hub.  Click “connect” and you’ll be prompted to connect the desired account.  

Account Information:

How do I modify my personal settings in the Hub?

Select your name in the top right corner of the screen and select “user settings” in the drop-down menu to access your personal settings.

How do I change my username and password?

Please click on the following link for a video on how to change your username or password.


How do I join a community?

If you are a member of a NYSBA section that has an Online Community, you will automatically be placed in that section’s community. For more information about the various communities that are available, click here.

How do I join a section?

If you are a NYSBA member, click here to find the sections that interest you.  Each section’s page has information on joining.

What if I'm a member of multiple communities?

If you’re in multiple Communities, your Communities card will display each of them across the top of the card.  Click on the Community you wish to see, and you will have access to community content for that section.

How can I hide a community?

If you no longer wish to see a community on your Communities card, just click on your name in the top right corner of the Hub, select “user preferences” and under Communities, select the ones you wish to hide. You can always add them back again later.

How do I post a message?

Select the section to which you wish to post, select “Discuss”, Scroll to “create a new post” and type in your subject and body.  Click “submit,” and the post will immediately show in the forum for that community. You can also review other posts by community members and add a comment by scrolling to the bottom of the post and comments, add a comment in the box, and click “add comment.”

Risk Management with USI:

What is USI?

USI Affinity has been serving the needs of New York law firms, attorneys and their families for more than 50 years as the New York State Bar Association’s endorsed broker and partner. The New York State Bar Association Insurance Program offers complete insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of attorneys – from optimal business insurance to outstanding employee benefits choices to personal coverages.

To learn more about USI go to www.nysba.org/USI or http://www.mybarinsurance.com/nysba/